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    -Born in Detroit, Michigan and raised primarily in Saline, Michigan, Matthew had a knack for Photography since a young age. At the tender age of eleven he convinced his father to accompany him on a trip to Colorado, USA so he could photograph mountains. After a long summer of mowing lawns, he saved enough to fly into the Rockies and shoot what was truly the most beautiful scenery he had ever seen. Using a cheap digital camera and an old tripod Matthew was able to capture a few decent shots. After returning home, he wanted to make the trip out to the Rockies once again. However, he would have to wait 8 years until he would return to Colorado, when he did so in January, 2009, just after his 18th birthday. His second trip proved to produce better photography, because of more experience. He feels that he was distracted by friends and skiing, and wants to make a third tip at some soon, to capture more and better shots of the mountains. Between this time traveling he took photographs at every chance he got, upgrading to several Kodak Digital cameras throughout the years. At the age of seventeen an uncle of his gave him one of the best surprises he ever received, a Nikon D-40 camera, which greatly exceeded any camera he had ever purchased. Since he switched to the Nikon he has been in full swing with his photography, photographing all the time. Most of his best shots are uploaded to his Flickr account, although some are left off the internet.